Electronic Health Record &
Practice Management

MedcomSoft’s Products and Services are tailored to efficiency. All Products and Services come equipped with cloud services to ensure that our offerings come standard to exceed the changing and fast paced requirements of the future.

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Revenue Cycle
Management Services

Complete transparency, knowing where your money is, and understanding the full cycle RCM process is our goal. MedcomSoft Performance Evaluation is a process used for our internal operations and is extended to you as our customer.

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ICD-10 Transition Services

The detail embedded within ICD-10 codes informs health care providers and health plans of patient incidence and history, which advances the effectiveness of case management and care coordination.

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Practice Management Services

MedcomSoft Project Management Teams work with you staff and Consultants to bring you maximum delivery in implementing your Business Strategy.

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Training, Consulting, and

Identify, Plan, Communicate, Assess.
Consult, Manage Implement, Transition.

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MedcomSoft – The Integrated Healthcare Platform


Healthcare as a Service

MedcomSoft offers products and services that comprise a platform serving many aspects of Health Information Exchange. The ambition of The Health Information Exchange is to facilitate appropriate access to and retrieval of clinical patient data. A Health Information Exchange allows safer, more timely, efficient, effective, and equitable ways to provide patient-centered care.

At the core of integrated health care is the coordination of care, not just the process of managing patient’s needs across providers and settings. Our aspiration is to ensure optimal care by avoiding errors resulting in unnecessary duplication, overuse, underuse or misuse of diagnostic tests, procedures, or prescribed medications. Well-coordinated care can improve health outcomes, lead to excellent patient experiences and be cost effective, while reducing medical errors simultaneously. With breakthrough improvements in integrated healthcare services, MedcomSoft has been a leader in Healthcare efficiency for the past 18 years.

Healthcare as a Business

As we continue to improve Healthcare efficiency, the need for Healthcare to be operated as an efficient business also continues to grow. MedcomSoft is a leader and technology innovator in both the clinical and operational areas of healthcare. As clinical care stands at the forefront of what defines Healthcare, efficient backend operations are an increasing priority for sustainability.